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NEIS director on Harvey Wasserman’s “Solartopia” radio show

On September 30th NEIS Director Dave Kraft was a guest on noted activist Harvey Wasserman’s “Solartopia” radio show, along with Beyond Nuclear’s Kevin Kamps and Cindy Folkers.  They were speaking about why nuclear power has no legitimate role in solving the climate disruption crisis.

Also discussed was Exelon’s “nuclear war on renewable energy,” and the Illinois legislation situation regarding nuclear plants and Illinois compliance with the EPA’s carbon rule.

The one-hour show can be heard online at:


Naomi Klein Disagrees with James Hansen on Nuclear Power

An important e-mail came to NEIS this past week:

From: myla reson 
Date: Sat, Oct 4, 2014 at 10:14 PM
Subject: [N3Yall] Video: Naomi Klein Disagrees with James Hansen on Nuclear Power

Last week I went to see Naomi Klein talk about her new book about the climate crisis: “This Changes Everything”.
Before Naomi appeared, the audience was invited to submit questions in writing on index cards provided by our hosts - we were told that documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald would look through our submissions and select questions for the Q&A scheduled to follow the talk
Naomi's presentation was brilliant and compelling.  She didn't touch on nuclear power, but she did praise James Hansen a number of times throughout her narrative. 
So I wrote: “Do you agree or disagree with James Hansen’s advise about nuclear power being an essential component to averting climate catastrophe?”
My question was delivered along with a big of stack of index cards - Klein's answers to question after question were long and thoughtful and I wondered whether there would be enough time for Greenwald to get to mine - it was suspenseful. Finally, (& much to my delight) close to the end of the Q&A Greenwald read my question aloud - I loved Klein's thoughtful response - and, clearly, so did the audience - as evidenced by the first applause for a reply during the entire Q&A.
The video begins with Naomi Klein's answer (in progress) to the question that preceded mine - she brought up James Hansen yet again, and it seemed like the ideal time for Robert Greenwald to (at long last) use the question that I had written on my 3x5” index card - and to my delight he did use that opening:

More than a dozen NEIS members participated in the Chicago leg of the National March for Climate Action when it arrived in the area on Saturday, Sept. 6th.  The Chicago leg of the March began on a picture perfect late summer morning in Oak Park.  From there Climate Marchers walked to the Garfield Park Conservatory, where they were joined by others from the area.  They then made their way to the Buckingham Fountain in downtown Chicago where nearly 100 people from numerous area organizations joined the final leg of the March through downtown Chicago to the Daley Plaza.

At Daley Plaza a rally took place, which was attended by nearly 200 people.  The event was taped in its entirety by CAN-TV:


The Marchers left Chicago on their way to Ohio.  From there they will take buses to the Climate Convergence taking place in New York City on Sept. 21st.  They will then take buses back to Ohio, to continue the March towards its final destination — Washington D.C.

NEIS sends a climate message

On Wednesday July 30th, nearly a dozen NEIS members attended the program on climate, “Is It Too Late?” sponsored by our colleagues and friends at Chicago Area Peace Action (CAPA, http://chipeaceaction.org/ ), held at the DePaul Art Museum in Chicago.

Presentations by CAPA’s Jack Kelly and University of Chicago’s Dr. David Archer were supplemented by a special video message from 350.org’s Bill McKibben.

The NEIS members came with a message, seen below.  The message comes at a time when the U.S. EPA’s newly released draft carbon rules are designed to help keep unprofitable reactors which otherwise would be closed running.

NEIS Director Skewers Exelon, Madigan on Live from the Heartland Radio Show

NEIS Director Dave Kraft spoke pointedly about the recent “Madigan shenannigans” in the Illinois House which supported a resolution, HR1146, hugely sympathetic to enshrining nuclear power (and coal, to a lesser extent) as the State’s preferred electricity resources.


The Resolution can be found on the NEIS website, along with numerous fact sheets on the topic on the Literature page.

Kraft went on to explain that HR1146 is the Illinois component of a national campaign spearheaded and heavily funded by Exelon and other nuclear utilities to gut renewable energy and efficiency nationwide, rendeing them marginal in meeting future energy needs and dealing with the climate disruption crisis.  A NEIS campaign against this “nuclear war against renewables” is in formation.  Contact NEIS for details.

Decommissioning Of Zion Nuclear Plant Raises Safety Concerns – CBS News Story Today

The decommissioning of the Zion nuclear reactors north of Chicago was the focus of a report on CBS-Chicago’s Channel-2 News at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, May 14th.  NEIS director Dave Kraft and Dunesland Director Paul Kakuris were interviewed for this brief segment.


Channel-2 unfortunately totally avoided the issues of fiscal irregularities and lack of transparency and oversight occurring at the Zion decommissioning.   They also avoided discussing the larger national context of radioactive waste management that was brought to their attention.  NEIS will continue to call attention to both of these aspects of the Zion issue.

NEIS and the Chicago Global Climate Convergence Earth Day Rally

NEIS was a proud participant and sponsoring group in this year’s Global Climate Convergence in Chicago.  Over 200 people attended the April 22nd Earth Day Rally and March to the offices of some of the planet’s worst corporate climate criminals — Boeing, BP, and Chase Bank — where they were issues “cease and desist” orders to stop their crimes against People and the Planet.

Here is the CAN-TV video link for the event:
Photographer Jeff Lucas compiled some great photos of the event to:
And the work isn’t over.  Here’s a calendar of events, which will end on Thursday, May 1st.  Please make plans to attend these events!
Stay well, keep on doing!
—Dave Kraft—


The third anniversary of the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima provided the backdrop for NEIS Director Dave Kraft to be interviewed by Brian O’Keefe of WDCB College of DuPage.  Kraft points out that three year down the road, and two crises have emerged:  the technological catastrophe of the actual site cleanup at Fukushima; and the political/sociological crisis which is destroying Japan through the creeping fascism of the pro-nuclear state via the “States Secrets Act.”  The latter is inhibiting the ability to discern the technological truth of what’s going on, making genuine clean up based on science impossible.

Listen to the interview at:




NEIS director Dave Kraft was given the opportunity to rebut pro-nuclear cheerleading on the part of Christie Todd Whitman, director of the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, a pro-nuclear front group for the Nuclear Energy Institute.  Whitman was in town to give an address at the Union League Club of Chicago on Thursday March 6th.  Whitman was interviewed on WBEZ’s morning show Morning Shift with Tony Sarabia.

Whitman’s remarks can be heard here:


Kraft’s rebuttal remarks can he heard here:



NEIS in collaboration with CAN-TV Chicago brings you:

Community Forum: Fracking- When Power Doesn’t Listen

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